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Mona Lisa

What is first recall when you hear the name "Mona Lisa"?

If your memory is about a famous 16th-century portrait by Leonardo da Vinci, you are on my topic. What if it's about your ex....(sorry, I'll talk it later if you insist...)

When you see the painting portrait "Mona Lisa" in your first sight of your experience, you will not forget her smile. Forever.

Remember Mona Lisa, you will recall her mysterious smile immediately.
Without a text on it, you can grab, feel and conclude that Mona Lisa is smiling to you.

So what do you think when there is a text with tittle "Smiling Mona Lisa" accompanying the very clear expression of Mona Lisa?

Is the detail helping you?
Or it is so annoying?

Because you've already known that Mona Lisa is smiling to you, so please don't explain it to me! (Just express your anger, don't make it unfinished business...)

I give my empathy to you :)

What will do you call about the tittle "Smiling Mona Lisa" if it exists?


An explanation to something that is already understood.

Do you need a redundancy?

No, right?

It's useless. It pushes you into anticlimax.

It's a same treatment when you are creating a print ad.
If you have a strong visual and it can touch the heart and sense of your reader, let it go alone. Don't accompany it with an explaining headline or you will flop your brilliant execution only in a second...

Don't explain something
if it's very clear to understand

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