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Creative Rationale

Assume that you have abundant ideas and you think all your ideas are applicable to execute for print ad, commercials, and so on.

In this step, you should have some brainstorming with your team.
Because you cannot handle it all by yourself.
You need someone to bring your ideas to reality, either to be designed or visualized.

" But I can design or execute it by myself," Yup. You can answer like that because your amazing talent.

God bless you :)

But think again, if you have no magic skill such that. Woa!

Then if you have to present it to your client, it's better you pick up many -not only one idea which have good reasons, just in case your client will break your reasons easily. Safe haven, you still have an option. Other idea. To fight back. Never mind if then it'll be slaughtered again by your beloved client. At least, you have something to argue for your idea. Not silence to kill.

Behind a great idea, there is a great creative rationale

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