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Hidden Copywriter

So, who is that guy who has no guts to claim himself as a copywriter?
Okay, not him. But her.
Then, the question is:
Who is she who cannot see herself as a copywriter?
Okay, not her. But who.
Off course, I’m pointing to you.
Because somehow, somebody like you won’t to declare something you didn’t realize it.
Don’t believe it?

Let you prove it with this simple question-answer play.
Q: Did you join a social media?
A: Yup.
Q: How often do you update your status on that?
A: Not often, but I do update it.
Q: Do you like to write a short message on your phone?
A: Of course. It’s simple and cheap.

From now on, you can continue this Q&A list with yours that will find yourself as a hidden copywriter for about many things in your life.

Because when you updated your status in twitter or facebook for example, or when you wrote for sending or replying a short message on phone, or when you wrote a post or a reply for email, without realizing it you had written some wording with your own which you chosen them carefully according to the purpose.
Or, when you are falling in love and want to declare it to someone then you will choose some right words which represent your current feeling.

First thing in a first step as a copywriter is
you know what you think to write.

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